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There are quite a few benefits of reseller hosting. For a start, it enables you to offer a wider range of services to your clients. As a web developer, for example, you can become a one-stop shop: there’s no need for your clients to go elsewhere, they can get everything they need directly from you.
Reselling enables you to create your own hosting brand. Good reseller packages are white labelled, so your clients never know who you buy their hosting from. This enables you to create your own, unique hosting plans which can be customised to meet your client’s needs. You can set up, manage, and op
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erate the back-end of your client’s websites and manage domains and email. And, of course, you can charge for providing this service.
As you can rent additional resources as your reselling service grows, it means you can start off small and upgrade as and when demand requires. Perhaps best of all, as you are using the services of your own web host, server management is done for you. There’s no need for any expertise in that area.

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